Friday, June 23, 2006

Ramen update:
I went into the grocery around the corner yesterday primarily to replenish our sadly depleted cache of alcohol. The store is about twice the size of a 7-11. Given the size, they have an amazing array of products. This is due in a large part to the fact that you're limited in the options between brands; they might have regular sugar, turbinado sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, light corn syrup, honey, and other sweeteners I haven't been able to translate yet, but they're all the generic variety. That's okay with me since that's what I would normally buy. So I was wandering around and I came across a section I'd never noticed before. It was almost as if a Brigadoon aisle had appeared before my very eyes, strange given the fact that the store is only three aisles deep. Not only did I find the ramen there ("noilles instantanees", 45 cents for a smaller-than-normal packet), but also capers, which I had looked for and not found before and had assumed would be close to the pickles and other preserved vegetables. Given the long list of ingredients, I'd hazard a guess that the Belgian ramen are just as unhealthy as the regular kind (although of a reduced portion size), but since they don't have anything resembling nutrition facts here it's hard to say. There's 18.6 g of fat and 460 kcal of energy. Oh wait--that's for 100 g serving size, but the package is only 60 g. You can do the math for yourselves as a take-home problem. Bonus question: how much sodium is in the shrimp flavor ("gout crevettes")?

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Boba Fett said...

Thanks for the update. I now know what we'll be eating while we're there.

I do really like the fact that the nutrition information is for 160% of what is in the package. Let's see consumers who can't wrap their heads around "2 servings per package" figure that one out.