Monday, May 22, 2006

Friday: moving day.

4 p.m. Received an email from the shipper saying our items would arrive at customs on Sunday. No estimate on when they'd be delivered.

8 p.m. We called K., the former renter, to ask her when she'd be able to turn over the keys to us. She had previously mentioned she'd be working late and would not be likely to be available before 9. So we touched base to confirm, and she told us she wasn't going to be out until 10. We could meet her at her office, which was near where we were staying, to sign the remaining paperwork, or meet at her place at 10:30. She wouldn't be ready to leave the house until much later, so she'd come by in the wee hours to drop off the keys. Jack then spoke to his colleague, who had graciously offered to drive us over with our many bags, to tell her we weren't ready. She wasn't feeling well anyway so we arranged to meet her at 2 p.m. Saturday for the move.

10:30 p.m. We went to the house to sign the papers, which would transfer the utilities to us. There was not a lot of evidence of progress. K.'s parents were there as well as a friend, and we stayed for about 1/2 hour so K. could show us how some things worked, but while we were there everybody mostly stood around. I thought they wouldn't be done till 4 a.m. at the earliest. It also looked like they wouldn't be able to fit everything in their van--from experience I know that people always have more stuff than they think they do. K. asked if there were any housewares they could leave with us, and I responded "whatever you can't take with you". I figured that the items she left would be enough to get us through until our shipment arrived. Managed to convince K. to let us take a set of keys with us rather than dropping them off.

11:00 p.m. Arrived back at the apartment, somewhat disheartened by the evening's progress. Had a couple of Marcolini chocolates, which were a present for Jack (thankfully he has shared), and which have flavors like "patchouli and tonka bean" and "pear and oak shavings". Although the former is a little strange on the palate, in general they're very tasty and a bit more distinctive than their more traditional rivals.



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Happy birthday, Jack!

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